Put Money On Cleveland Browns Games

Put Money On Cleveland BrownsThere is no doubt that Cleveland fans love their Browns. And as popular as they are in the state of Ohio, it should come as no surprise that betting on the Browns is very popular as well. So we have created this page for the explicit purpose for everything Browns betting odds. Find out what game lines are available for the Browns during the year, as well as how to make those bets. Additionally, you can get information on the various sites that allow online sports betting in Ohio for wagering on the NFL, including the Browns obviously.

There are Browns game odds formed for every game on the schedule. This starts in the preseason and moves along with the start of the regular season. There will be a variety of weekly odds formed for all Brown's matchups each week. These bets range from player props to team props, and all of them are worthwhile to examine from a betting standpoint.

Best Sites For Wagering On Browns Games

There are some great online sportsbooks out there to bet on the Browns, for which we have listed several of those on this page. Also, get our highest rated NFL sportsbook right below to get all of the best Browns betting lines.

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Types Of Wagers You Can Place On The Cleveland Browns

Understanding what kinds of wagers you can place on the Cleveland Browns is the most important step you can take when you begin your sports wagering journey. After all, how can you place a bet when you don’t know what wager types are out there? We are here to help. There are dozens of wager types and hundreds of terms to understand. It can all be overwhelming and it can be complicated for new bettors to understand what is going on. On this page, we are going to go over some of the more popular wager types that are out there. These will give you a baseline to understand wager types and give you a good starting point.

Cleveland Browns Spread

Betting on the spread is the most popular type of sports wager. This is because instead of simply picking whether the Browns or any other time will win or lose, you are choosing the teams will win or lose by a certain amount of points. This means that there is a possibility that a losing team will end up being the one that pays out.

  • Cleveland Browns -12.5 (-150) vs Cincinnati Bengals +12.5 (+135)

If you are wanting to bet on the Cleveland Browns here, they must win the game and they must win by 13 points or more. Even if they end up winning by 12 points or less, then gamblers who bet on the Browns end up losing their bets. On the flip side, the Bengals just need to keep the game competitive and not lose by 13 points or more. If they do so, then they cover the spread. Of course, if the Bengals win, then they covered the spread as well.

Betting On The Browns Straight Up

Betting on the Browns straight up is the most straightforward kind of wager that you can make. It is just betting if the Browns are going to win the game or not. There is no spread to be worried about and this has no hidden elements as well. So long as the Browns win and you place your bets on them, then you will win your bet. Taking a look at the odds will give you an idea on how much money you will win.

  • Cleveland Browns (-185) vs Detroit Lions (+165)

If you look at the odds here, the Browns are the clear favorite to win this game. That is because you can see what kind of payout you will get for betting on both teams. If you want to make $100 by betting on the Browns, you must wager $185 of your own money to do so. That is because the sportsbooks are confident that the Browns will win. But, if you just put down $100 on the Lions, then you will win $165 if they end up winning. That is due to the fact that the Lions are the underdog in this example.

Browns Over/Under Point Total

Betting on the over/under point totals, otherwise known as the totals, is a completely different kind of wager compared to the other wager types we have discussed. That is because you are not betting on who will win or lose the game. You aren’t even really betting on a team like the Browns or whoever. You are wagering whether or not the total number of points at the end of the game will be higher or lower than what the sportsbook has set.

  • Cleveland Browns vs Tennessee Titans – 58.5 O/U (-110)

For this scenario, you must decide whether the combined points between the Titans and the Browns will exceed 58.5 points or not. As you might have figured, it is essentially a 50/50 shot whether or not you will be right or not. That means that the payout for this wager type isn’t that high by comparison. But sports bettors enjoy that it is a consistent payout either way and it adds another element to look out for when you watch the Browns play.

Cleveland Browns Player Prop Bets

Bet on player props for the Browns, which include a number of different types of betting lines covering a wide range of outcomes. Below is an example of a player prop you could see for a game.

Cleveland Browns - Player Prop Examples

Nick Chubb Total Rushing Yards vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Over 85.5 Rushing Yards (-110)
  • Under 85.5 Rushing Yards (-110)

Bet on Browns running back Trent Richardson and his performance against the Steelers with an over/under total. Richardson will need to rush for 86 yards or more for the over total to win, while the under total will win if he rushed for 85 yards or less. Payouts for this bet is even money after juice.

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Cleveland Browns Team Prop Bets

Team prop betting odds for the Browns also cover a long list of topics, though obviously geared away from individual player performances, and towards the team. Check out an example for a bit of better understanding.

Cleveland Browns - Team Prop Examples

Cleveland Browns Total First Downs vs. Baltimore Ravens

  • Over 12.5 First Downs
  • Under 12.5 First Downs

Check out this team prop betting line that concerns only the number of first downs for Cleveland against the Ravens. The bet will be placed on the actual number in the game going higher or lower than the betting line. The bet is then won by picking the correct side of the total number of first downs. 13 or more is the magic number of the over and 12 or less is the magic number for the under.

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Live Betting On Cleveland Browns Games

Betting live on the NFL is another option that many online sportsbooks offer. You can bet live on some of the Browns games during the season, though not every NFL will have that live betting options. Those Browns games which are will see a ton of different props formed during the contest, as well as different point spreads and game totals.

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Other Ways To Wager On The Cleveland Browns

One of the types bets with a high payout margin is Brown futures wagers. This is where bets are made on Cleveland to win the Super Bowl, or the conference championship, or division title. These betting lines can typically be found all year long on sportsbooks. They do change though, especially during the regular season week to week.

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