Cincinnati Sportsbooks

Once the Ohio state government formally legalizes sports betting, there will probably be multiple Cincinnati sportsbooks to choose from within the city limits. However, there is currently only one gambling destination in the area, and – while it’s a sure thing that this locale will get an operational sportsbook in the near future – it remains to be seen how many more Cincinnati-based establishments will also be allowed to offer their own sportsbooks.

To start with, however, you should expect there to be only one sportsbook to choose from during the initial wave of sports betting in the region: the Jack Cincinnati Casino sportsbook. The first of hopefully several Cincinnati sportsbooks to open in Ohio, Jack Cincinnati will offer the betting public access to its newly-designed sports betting lounge. Online sports betting should be coming to Jack’s shortly thereafter, but for now, once the venue opens its retail sportsbook for business, only on-site wagering will be allowed.

Betting On The NFL In Cincinnati

NFL LogoCincinnati is a huge sports town and the passionate fans root for all their teams with blind faith, but maybe none more so than the Cincinnati Bengals. Anyone looking to bet on the NFL in Cincinnati only has a few options at the moment. In the future, the region can expect to see many more sportsbooks on the way, but for now, the international online sportsbooks provide full betting options for anyone with an internet connection. These sites are safe and legal to use in Ohio, and will have thousands of NFL betting odds from game lines to player props, futures bets, and so much more. Be sure to check out some of the online sportsbooks next time you want to make a wager from home.

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Live In-Game Betting In Cincinnati

Thanks to today’s advanced betting websites, live in-game betting has become one of the most popular ways to bet on sports. This extends to those in Cincinnatti, where residents can live bet at the land-based sportsbooks or online using the international sportsbook sites like Bovada. Live betting refers to a type of betting that occurs after the game has already begun. The live odds are offered on the game and shift depending on what happens in the action. If one team scores, you can expect to see the odds change in real-time on the betting board to reflect the new changes. With live betting, you are never truly out of the game, and there is always an opportunity to hedge or double down on your bets.

Betting the Kentucky Derby In Cincinnati

 Kentucky Derby LogoOne of the marquee events on the yearly betting schedule is the annual Kentucky Derby. The Kentucky Derby is a show of tradition and Americana that dates back hundreds of years. Bettors from around the world tune in to see which horse and jockey could be the next to contend for the Triple Crown. The passion is no less up in Cincinnati, where race fans have the pleasure of heading to the land-based sportsbook located in the city. Cincy residents actually have a few different options when it comes to betting on the ponies, as the international online sportsbooks also offer extensive odds on the derby, and are safe and legal to use. These sportsbooks have full racebook odds and post full betting options for the Derby. Bets like overall winner, trifecta, exacta, superfecta, and all the rest are available on these sites and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, even on your phone. There is nothing stopping you from putting together the perfect betslip for the next Kentucky Derby.

Is Sports Betting Currently Legal In Cincinnati?

Technically, sports betting is currently legal in Cincinnati. Ever since the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was struck down in mid-2018, Ohio has had the option to make sports betting legal. When we say make sports betting legal, we mean state-licensed and operated sportsbook in Cincinnati and throughout the entire state. However, that hasn’t happened just yet. Although it is true that state lawmakers have bills drafted that will change that in the near future, they still haven’t passed the bills. One of those bills that has gained some bit of traction is OH SB 154. But since it hasn’t passed through both legislative chambers or have been signed by the governor, it means there are no sportsbooks available in Cincinnati because it is not legal to operate one in the state yet.

But like we already said, sports betting is technically legal in Cincinnati and Ohio. That is due to the fact that online offshore sportsbooks exist. Sites like Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline, and other online sportsbooks are the reason why sports betting can be done legally in Ohio. These sportsbooks are based in different countries and they operate legally there. Not only that, they are allowed to take customers from Cincinnati and the rest of the Buckeye State. To further prove this point, there are no laws in Ohio or federal laws that prevent you from using these websites to place your bets. So, although it is true that making and operating a sportsbook is not legal in Cincinnati just yet, that doesn’t mean that sports betting is against the law.

Minimum Age To Place Bets With Cincinnati Sportsbooks

The minimum age to place bets with Cincinnati sportsbooks will be 21 whenever the state formally rolls out sports betting, which is the age that OH requires its many casinos and racino gamblers to be. However, you can use legal offshore sportsbooks once you’re 18 years old, and you will not be breaking any state laws to do so (though many sports bettors in Ohio prefer to wait until they are at least 21 before signing up with Bovada et al.).

Other Cities With Sportsbooks In Ohio

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Best Sportsbooks In Cincinnati

To begin with, there is likely to be only one sportsbook in Cincinnati once such a product is formally legalized and regulated, as the Jack Cincinnati Casino is the only gambling destination in the city limits. There are several racino locales near Cincinnati, but none of these is likely to have sports betting on Day One as the Jack Casino will.

Still, there is a huge market for sports betting in Cincinnati, which means there should be a huge market for competing Cincinnati sportsbooks in the future. After all, with so many professional teams based in the state (not to mention collegiate powerhouses like Ohio State University), there should be healthy competition between books to lay out the most favorable (i.e. the least locally weighted) lines and odds on clubs like the Bengals, Reds, Browns, Indians, Cavaliers, and Blue Jackets.

This need for choice should drive the Ohio betting public to insist on more local options in Cincy, and such demand is not likely to go ignored by a state government that can use every penny of sports betting tax revenue it can muster. That said, even when there are multiple books to choose from in Cincinnati, you would still do well to sign up at one or more offshore books in order to most effectively shop lines for the best possible deals on any given wager.

Jack Cincinnati Casino Sportsbook Review

Jack Cleveland Casino SportsbookThe Jack Cincinnati Casino sportsbook review promises to get high praise when the service is finally live. However, even though the casino is owned by Jack Entertainment LLC (as is its sister location in Cleveland), there will be some growing pains once sports betting gets up and running on-site, as Jack Entertainment – while itself a veteran in the gambling industry – does not actually operate any current sportsbooks. As such, they will have to invest in a team and a platform in order to deliver their customers a proper, first-class sports betting experience.

Of course, given that the Jack Cincinnati Casino is a top-tier destination for gamblers statewide (boasting over 2000 slots and table games, as well as a number of fine dining options and nightlife entertainment features), its reputation effectively guarantees that no expense will be spared when it comes to putting together the best Ohio sportsbook possible. Customers can expect to be able to place a wide variety of wagers, from point spread bets, straights, and over/under to a whole host of player and team props, futures, specials, parlays, and more.

And, naturally, the Jack Cincinnati sportsbook won’t be limited to local action on teams like the Bengals or Reds, either. Ohio residents who wish to wager on sports at Jack Cincinnati will be able to put money on every player and a team from all the major US and international leagues, 24-7, all year long. With live betting and mobile betting on the horizon as well, OH bettors and sports enthusiasts will have access to literally millions of wagers every year, and they’ll be able to place their bets from anywhere in the state.

(Note: Ohio casinos that operate online sportsbooks and support mobile betting will still, by US federal law, have to geo-fence their users, meaning that you’ll physically need to be inside OH borders to place your wagers. Proxy betting options can get around this Federal Wire Act limitation, but it is not clear whether or not Ohio law will allow proxy betting going forward).

All in all, once Jack Cincinnati Casino opens its sports betting lounge to the public, you can expect the venue and service to be the locals’ favorite sportsbook, and you can also expect the attraction to draw in sports bettors from surrounding states as well. The Jack Cincinnati Casino is primed to offer the best sportsbook in Ohio, and state residents will hopefully be able to place their wagers locally by the start of the 2023 NFL season.