Put Money On Cincinnati Bengals Games

Put Money On Cincinnati Bengals Games

After an amazing 2021 season, the Bengals are slowly becoming a favorite of many bettors across the NFL. The purpose of this page is to inform fans of the Bengals, prospective bettors, and avid bettors as well, about the options when it comes to betting on the Bengals. Below, you will find information on Cincinnati Bengals betting lines, and how to make the bets on the Bengals. So, scroll down below and check out all of the info on Bengals betting and see what we have to offer.

Cincinnati Bengals games will have odds released for them every week, beginning with the matchups in the preseason. Oddsmakers will come out with these lines, with bettors able to check them out and place a wager several days in advance of the matchup. There will be various types of wagers available, the details of which we have provided on this page.

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Weekly Betting Odds For Cincinnati Bengals Games

The most common ways to wager on Bengals games come in the form of game lines. There are three basic game lines that online sportsbooks will display for each of the Cincinnati Bengals matchups during the season. They would be the point spread, the moneyline, and the combined point total for the game.

Bengals Spread

The most popular wager type out of any other out there to bet on the Bengals is betting on the spread. This is similar to betting on who will win or lose the game, but there is a catch to it. A team must win or lose by a certain amount of points for them to cover the spread. It is essentially betting who will win or lose but with a handicap. Here is what a spread bet can end up looking like on an online offshore sportsbook:

  • Cincinnati Bengals -16.5 (-165) vs Carolina Panthers +16.5 (+145)

This scenario says that the Cincinnati Bengals not only must win the game, but they must also win by over 17 points to cover the spread. If they win by less than 17 points, then people who wagered on the Bengals will not win their wagers. This means that the Panthers doesn’t necessarily have to win the game to cover the spread. The Panthers just need to lose by less than 17 points for them to cover the spread. That means if you don’t think the Bengals are going to completely blow out the Panthers or you think the Panthers can keep it competitive, you should reconsider your bet. Spread bets add that bit of excitement to the game that normally would not bet there.

Betting Bengals Straight Up

Betting on the Bengals straight up is what it sounds like and it is what most people think of when they first enter the world of sports gambling. Straight up wagering is simply choosing whether the Bengals will win or lose. That means you do not have to worry about either team covering a spread during the match. The odds posted will help you decide what team to bet on.

  • Cincinnati Bengals (-130) vs Green Bay Packers (+115)

Although it may seem that the Bengals is at a disadvantage in this matchup, that isn’t true. The odds do give you an idea who will win, but what it really is there for is to show you what kind of payout you will get if either team wins. If you want to win $100 by betting on the Bengals, then you will have to put down $130 of your own money to do so. But if you put $100 on the Packers, then you will win $115 if they end up winning. This is due to the fact that the Packers are the underdog in this game.

Bengals Over/Under Point Total

The over/under point total wagering, or betting on the totals, is completely different from the other two wager types have discussed. Betting on totals means that it completely does not matter if the Bengals win the game or not. What you are wagering on is whether or not the total points between both teams will be higher or lower than what the sportsbook says it is going to be.

  • Cincinnati Bengals vs Minnesota Vikings – 45.5 O/U (-110)

For this example, the sportsbook is predicting that the total points between the Bengals and Vikings are going to be around 45.5 points. You need to decide if the total is going to be over or under that number. Although this is not technically betting on the Bengals, it adds an extra wager type that you can enjoy. Both veteran and new sports gamblers enjoy this wager type because it adds one more element to wager on for a game.

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Cincinnati Bengals Player Prop Bets

Betting player props for the Bengals is another route that you could go if you so choose. Player prop odds are a fun way to bet on the game for smaller outcomes, singling out individual players versus the overall result. Check out a couple of examples below.

Cincinnati Bengals - Player Prop Examples

Andy Dalton Total Passing Yards vs. Baltimore Ravens

  • Over 249.5 Passing Yards
  • Under 249.5 Passing Yards

This is a player prop for Bengals QB Andy Dalton, for which this bet is essentially asking whether or not he will crack 250 yards passing in a game versus the Baltimore Ravens. Until Dalton breaks that 250-yard mark, the 'under' is winning/will win this wager.

Will A.J. Green Score A Touchdown vs. Pittsburgh Steelers?

  • Yes +120
  • No -150

This is another type of player prop betting line, asking if WR A.J Green will have a touchdown against the Steelers. For those that think he will, payouts on "Yes" are equivalent to 6/5 however the other side of the bet is favored and only pays 2/3. One side wins more than $1 with a $1 wager (yes) while the other must risk more than $1 to win $1 (no).

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Cincinnati Bengals Team Prop Bets

Team props are the other side of the proposition betting lines offered for Bengals games, as well as different outcomes for the Bengals season. These bets can cover a wide range of topics, so we will show you a couple of examples that you might come across in your betting endeavors.

Cincinnati Bengals - Team Prop Examples

Cincinnati Bengals Total Number Of Giveaways vs. Cleveland Browns?

  • Over 1.5 Giveaways
  • Under 1.5 Giveaways

This is a team prop betting line asking about the offensive turnovers that Cincinnati will have against the Cleveland Browns. If they have two or more, then the 'over' total would win this line however until that number is reached, bettors who wagered on the 'under' are in a position to win.

Will The Cincinnati Bengals Finish The Regular Season Above .500?

  • Yes +160

The result of the Cincinnati Bengals regular seasons schedule is the subject of this team prop. Only one choice is available and that is "yes". Anyone who wagers on this believes the Bengals win at least 9 games this year and if they do, those bettors win $1.60 for every $1 wager. If the Bengals win 7 games or less, this bet loses. But at 8 wins exactly, the bettors will get his/her money back because it is a "push".

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Live Betting On Cincinnati Bengals Games

If you are someone who might like to place a lot of bets on a game or follow games closely to take advantage of quarter and halftime odds, Live betting might be for you. Or if you are just someone who likes interactive betting lines, Bengals live betting is your ticket. Live betting on the Cincinnati Bengals will be available at most online sportsbooks, as more and more have a specific section for betting live on sports. Not every Cincinnati game will be available to bet live, but you will get some opportunities to do so during the season.

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Other Ways To Wager On The Cincinnati Bengals

There is one major aspect of betting that we have left out until now. It also happens to be one of the most common bets to make. Futures wagers, such as Bengal Super bowl betting lines, AFC Championship lines, and division odds are three futures wagers to make Cincinnati. These futures wagers are great for bettors looking to make a big profit potential. Futures odds can have a great profit margin, in fact, some of the best payouts of any wager that you could make. The best part about this type of bet is that they are easy to follow and understand, and common for the beginner.

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